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App to monitor cryptocurrencies
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With each passing day, the cryptocurrency market gathers an increasing number of followers. There are those who come from common trading platforms, those from big industry, and those who simply want to try a new experience. However, it does not matter if you belong to the profile of an expert or a novice, they all have in common the need to control the market trend.

The frequency of the checks, often and willingly, is inversely proportional to the experience. The less you know the dynamics, the more you want monitor the value curve of each digital currency. Conversely, the more familiar with the industry, the less need to keep data under control at any time of day.

That said, people who invest need a dedicated service that allows them to check the performance of their wallet in real time. That’s why we decided to offer you a list with the best app to monitor cryptocurrencies, so as to have all the necessary tools to successfully carry out what is a real job.

But before moving on to the list of apps immediately, we will explain what a service of this type is and how it works, also known by the name of portfolio tracker. Furthermore, we will indicate what are the basic functions that every good cryptocurrency monitoring app should have to be defined as such.

What is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

a portfolio tracker is an app or website that allows you to control investments and keep track of changes in the value of cryptocurrencies. In most cases, cryptocurrency monitoring apps are linked to digital wallets and digital currency exchange platforms. It is therefore no coincidence that they are among the indispensable tools of traders who invest in at least 3 altcoins, including Bitcoins.

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Some of these apps fully simulate cryptocurrency exchange platforms. How? By assigning a key to an individual portfolio where import and store virtual currencies.

Since there are numerous portfolio tracker for cryptocurrencies, before relying on one solution rather than another it is important to reflect on the basic characteristics that a service of this kind must have. We will deepen the discussion in the next paragraph, and then move on to the review of the best tools available today.

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What are the basic functions of a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Portfolio Tracker Buy Sell

As mentioned above, the apps that allow you to monitor the real-time value of cryptocurrencies are not all the same. Some, for example, tend to favor a particular market niche rather than another, while others still aim at usability at the expense of functions.

Regardless, they do exist at least three key features, which make a portfolio tracker better than another.


Safety first. As we already explained at the beginning, numerous cryptocurrency tracking apps include a connection with a cryptocurrency exchange platform or a bank account. Therefore, to keep altcoins and money in the checking account safe, it is essential to rely on a portfolio tracker that demonstrates with facts that you care about the safety of its users.

The ideal is to choose an app that has two-factor authentication and one advanced cryptographic system.

Availability of cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms

A further element to take into consideration is the availability of the cryptocurrency tracker portfolio regarding the number of digital currencies and exchange platforms. In this regard, it is important that the app allows the user to interact with as many cryptocurrencies as possible, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

Because it is important? This way you make sure you can trade with as many digital currencies as you want, without having to register on two or more exchanges and memorize their passwords.


The third key aspect is represented by usability, or rather the user experience. A portfolio tracker ideal does not have to focus so much on how many functions it can offer, as on how it does it. The main focus must be on see all assets as quickly as possible included in the digital portfolio and how its value changes over time.

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Then choose a portfolio tracker for cryptocurrencies simple to use and easy to understand. Doing so will save time and remove the stress that a job of this type inevitably generates.

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The best apps to monitor cryptocurrencies

We just have to briefly describe the best apps to monitor the value of cryptocurrencies, also known as crypto portfolio tracker.

FTX (ex Blockfolio)

FTX blockfolio

Block folio, today FTX, is one of the most popular portfolio tracker in the world. The app allows you to add the cryptocurrencies of our interest and link them to an exchange. Also, it allows you to monitor the value of each cryptocurrency based on an average across different trading platforms.

Another key feature of FTX is real-time investment tracking, a function common to other apps of this type. In addition, users can set an alert for each altcoin, so as to receive a notification on the phone every time the value exceeds or goes below a certain threshold.

To all this he adds a section dedicated to the most important news of the market, based only on the most authoritative sources.

FTX is available for both Android (Play Store link) and iOS (Play Store link).



Another reference app is Delta. It too, like Blockfolio, is one of the best known applications in the industry. The main functions include the management of multiple portfolios and the simulation of a digital wallet with the addition of the amount of cryptocurrencies purchased.

Thanks to Delta, a user can also see the trend of the last 24 hours of their portfolio, as well as monitor the graph and the price of each cryptocurrency in real time. In addition, the application allows you to receive a notification from a previously selected trading platform when a trade is performed.

The Delta app is downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Pro is one of the best apps for tracking the value of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to monitor different digital wallets, shows the daily profits and possible losses, in addition to the historical charts of each cryptocurrency. In addition, with Crypto Pro it is possible to import or export the file with the .CSV extension of the personal wallet.

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For those interested, it should be noted that the app also allows you to keep tabs on traditional metals and currencies such as dollar, euro, pound, yen, etc. Unlike the other apps listed above, the Crypto Pro application is only available on the App Store (download link). Android users can still use Crypto Pro via the online platform.



CryptoCompare it’s a portfolio tracker for cryptocurrencies based entirely on the cloud. Signing up for the service is free and cryptocurrency tracking is made easier by a clean and clear interface.

One of CryptoCompare’s main strengths is the opportunity to check the value of over 5,000 altcoins in real time. Another point in favor of the app is receiving detailed information about your favorite cryptocurrencies directly on your phone.

The CryptoCompare app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Coinmarketcap App

For years CoinMarketCap is an essential reference point for monitoring the value of the main cryptocurrencies bought, sold and traded around the world. In addition to the official website, it is also available in a mobile version: the app includes Japanese candlestick charts, comparisons between two cryptocurrencies, alerts on the latest price changes and the latest industry news.

CoinMarketCap is available for free download for Android (link here) and iOS (click here) users.

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