How to Install Android SDK, what it is and what it is for – Android Tools

How to Install Android SDK, what it is and what it is for – Android Tools

With the technological advancement that exists today, creating applications for Android mobiles is much easier, thanks to programs such as the renowned Android SDK. When we talk about the Android SDK program we refer to the world of programming, the group of tools that this It makes it easy for us to create applications without knowing how to program.

With this program you can obtain all the instruments that we will need to finish code the algorithms for an application From the beginning. Keep in mind that this program is not far behind, since every time Android is updated, the program also so that the applications are of quality.

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Knowing what Android SDK is and what it is for, we want to explain to you how can you install it on your pc depending on the system and the tools you can find in it.

How can I tell if my phone has the Android SDK

To locate this program on your computer, what you must do is go to the Android Studio program that you have installed and look for the option of tools or ‘Tools’. Then, go to the Android tab and select SDK Manager; When the tab is opened, at the top, you will see where the Android SDK is located.

What is the procedure to install Android SDK on my computer?

To obtain the tools provided by Android SDK on your computer, Android Studio must first be installed, either on Windows, Linux or Mac and we will explain how.

In Windows

To download it in Windows you have to enter the official website of Android Studio for free by following the steps given by the program. Once it is downloaded and you want to install it, you can do it by doing a couple of clicks, and if you want to install other tools for its full function you can also do it.

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The option to install the tools provided by the Android SDK are already activated by default, but if you want to deactivate the other functions that are marked you can do it. That way, the download and installation will be complete and you just have to wait for it to finish to start using it.

En Linux

After you complete the download from the official site, extract the file and open a new window in which you can change the directory of the extracted file. Now write in that folder the name Android SDK for the SDK Manager to run, and make sure that Android SDK platform-tools feature is enabled.

And Mac

All the processes are similar from any PC system; on Mac, you have to look for the ZIP file which was downloaded from the web. Then look for the Android-sdk-macosx folder to find the Android section and install the SDK; and to complete the installation, make sure Android SDK platform-tools is checked.

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Tools available from the Android SDK

With each of the tools that are part of Android Studio that we will mention now, you will be able to create an application that works correctly on Android.

Android SDK Build-Tools

To get these build tools and keep them up to date to avoid development flaws you need to download the SDK Manager file. With them, you can develop a binary system that saves and stores all the data that the Android application needs to be created.

android studio download tab

Android SDK Platform-Tools

This tool is one of the main ones in the program with which you get a combo of useful instruments to complete Android development. Too, you will find the test options and many more tools to help you complete and verify the creation of mobile applications.

SDK Platform (Plataforma SDK)

With this tool it is possible to create and place a goal that you want to achieve by developing the application. With the SDK platform you will find the functions that are needed as developers and that, at the same time, are compatible with the available versions.

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Google APIs

Google APIs are responsible for creating an application and that the software of this works without any failure, to be able to test the application for yourself.

Android Emulator

This last tool, as its name says, simulates or emulates being an Android mobile from a computer, with all the functions that a mobile has. Which means that, you can test your application from various Android devices without the need for it to be a physical device.

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