How to install two operating systems on a pc linux and windows 7 – Easy Steps

How to install two operating systems on a pc linux and windows 7

How to install two operating systems on a pc linux and windows 7

WSL is the Linux subsystem on Windows but its much more recent version is WSL 2 with updates, with greater efficiency and increased performance apart from improving system compatibility. It has been available since 2020 and has a succession of improvements and features compared to the previous one. The main difference is the performance increase and compatibility optimization but there are others.

Over time, the availability of software for the interface has increased significantly. Today it has most of the essential software, although there are caveats, especially in company or expert environments. The OS/2 partitioning utilities have the ability to modify up to 4 systems in the menu, each of which can be in a primary partition or a logical volume in the extended logical partition. Much newer loaders like Air-Boot, GRUB and LILO offer more elasticity. Once you’ve picked the one you want, simply tap “get” to start downloading.

And obviously the program is important, in that Windows wins by a landslide, most quality software is developed for Windows and sometimes for Mac. Come on, let’s be serious and consistent with the reality we live in, if linux were so good and safe the sizable corporations will use it, but not everyone uses windows, go to a bank and NOBODY has linux. I understand your opinion, due to the fact that before understanding the Linux world I saw everything uphill, but don’t be so blunt when saying that Linux is cumbersome. In my case, it takes me 2 hours to develop only the Windows system so I can use it, a Linux only takes me 40 minutes at this time. It depends on the programs that are used, it is true that they are only for Windows.

Boot Camp De Apple

Also only WSL has full support for system calls. When we are sure of putting up with it, the first thing is to have the support in Windows to achieve Linux, that is, the Linux subsystem. It can be carried out from the command line or from the user design (more comfortable). It should also support virtualization, while below they use the corresponding hardware extensions for performance improvement. Specifically, it must support virtual machine monitoring mode (what is called VT-x in Intel processors and is called AMD-V in AMD processors).

When the reboot is complete you can now start downloading distros on your computer. The beauty of it is that with both WSL and WSL 2, you don’t have to dual boot Windows OR Linux. You can use Windows as always and at all times while your Linux distro is fully available (simultaneously) in what Microsoft describes as a custom, lightweight virtual machine. Then the Windows 11 installation process will begin, which we must continue until we reach the window that asks where you want to install Windows, at which point we must choose the Windows 11 partition that we have created, using the Manager records.

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Creating the Partitions

Once you click on “Continue” you will go to the process of starting the copy of the file from the ISO to the USB drive, in this way the entire automatic boot system will be created on the drive. Keep in mind that everything mentioned can take a long time to run. There, an on-screen wizard will be displayed where each and every one of the Windows installation files will be copied from a DVD or an ISO to a USB drive where it will later be used for the installation. Just the opposite happens with OS x and Linux, which are completely free.

how to install two operating systems on a pc linux and windows 7

However, it is still costing for most of the people who want to be given everything on a small scale. Hi, I’m a physicist and I’ve been a fan and user of Linux for well over a decade. Studying the doctorate has brought me closer to performing numerical simulations with clusters that have SO

The main advantage of using a virtual machine is its security. We can create all the virtual computers that we need, and do with them what we want. If something goes wrong, only the virtual machine will be unusable, and our main system or our hard drives are never in danger. We start from a computer with a completely empty storage unit where we have previously made a backup of files and data that we want to keep. In this type of installation with a double system, Linux must always be the last one that we install, since it will be its boot manager that will offer us access to one or the other.

As for the size, it depends a bit on the capacity of your hard drive, although in general it is enough to give it between 20 and 30 GB so that it goes loose. Keep in mind that this development only allows you to modify the size in megabytes, so you must remember that 1 GB is 1,024 MB. The process is so simple due to the fact that in most cases on the disk you will have only one partition. In the event that you want to install the GNU/Linux distro on a now partitioned hard drive, you must select the partition you want to reduce to free up space at the bottom and select the option to shrink volume. In stage 4 we will decide how we want to partition the hard drive, presenting us with the next window that informs us of the current status of the virtual hard drive of our device.

Of course, you can use other Linux distributions than Ubuntu. If you don’t enjoy Windows 10 and want to use Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, the basic procedure is the same. We could still install macOS under hackintosh or other additional systems in half of them, as long as we have enough space in the computer’s storage units and carry out the process in the correct order. Do you know which operating systems are much more installed on desktop computers? When many people talk about the term operating system, they automatically think of Microsoft Windows, and the editions of its OS. To serve as an example, we have the well-known XP, the infamous Vista, the robust and extended 7, the short 8.1 or the very modern and innovative 10 and soon 11.

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We could also include WSL in the section, the Windows subsystem for Linux that, although it is supported by Hyper-V, does not use a hypervisor such as VMware or VirtualBox. We could also talk about Windows Sandbox, and the new Windows Subsystem for Android, introduced in Windows 11 and that will allow us to open Android applications and games on PC without other emulators. We count several hard drives in the pc and do not understand exactly what to use them for.

Step 4: Set Up One Linux Distribution Or Several

The answer is no, so I’m reluctantly going to get a windows license to fix the problem. I could certainly spend days learning the OS and reading endless forum posts, but it’s for work and I don’t have time to do it. Actually, an HP Laserjet All-n-One printer that Ubuntu recognized just plugging it in and getting me up and running quickly, Windows ran into problems and some system updates had to be done before everything worked fine. Keep in mind that every time a program is installed/uninstalled, information is recorded in the Windows registry, which then remains there. Although there are programs to clean the registry, its use requires certain knowledge.

Do we require something special to be able to install these 2 OS on the same PC? The truth is that the only thing we will need is to have enough space on the hard drive to accommodate both systems. In addition, each of them must go on a separate hard drive, or partition. If we accomplish this, and our PC can run both Ubuntu and Windows, we won’t need much else. Contrary to what many people think, a Dual Boot does not require much more RAM to be able to mount. We are going to assume that we are going to install Windows and Ubuntu on the same computer with Dual Boot.

The first step is going to be to establish your time zone so that the distro takes it into account when changing the clock or using time changes. The moment you click Start, Rufus will throw you a warning telling you that the version of the syslinux boot manager he uses is older than the one requested by the ISO. So you have to press the Yes button in order for Rufus to connect to the Internet and automatically download the version it needs. As far as ISO files are concerned, as we will now teach you in depth, they are the format used to save a precise copy of an optical drive’s file system.

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In our case we have enough and we set the size to shrink in Mbytes. That will be the size of the SSD partition that the Ubuntu installation will occupy. With Linux you turn on, the update process begins and in 20/25 minutes and without any reboot, everything is updated without problems, and not only the OS, but all the software that has had news (browser, office automation, graphic editors, mail, multimedia, etc.) and without specifying that you are ratifying anything in front of the screen. A not very powerful computer in a second home that only turns on every 2/3 months and that has a dual boot with Windows and Linux.

In addition to this, if it is well developed, we will be able to connect it to any computer without problems of configurations or drivers. It is special when we are used to moving a lot, for leisure or for work, and we want to carry our system with us always and at all times to boot any computer with it. One question, for work reasons I must use Linux Mint and Windows. On my pc I installed the version based on 18.04LTS and the latest version of Windows 10. Setting up Linux is even much simpler (and of course faster) than setting up windows, no need to understand programming!!

And it is not aimed at making money, but rather at development; and in this last point it achieved the same or more than a corporation that disburses an enormous amount of millions of dollars in advertising, commissions, bribes, etc. etc. We have an optimal range of options when choosing an operating system for our family or business computer. The most important thing is to assess the use that we need to offer and above all to think about the availability of software and hardware tools. The proliferation of open source advancement tools born in the Linux world has caused several programmers to create versions of their tools that only work on UNIX-based systems, such as Linux or macOS. This had commonly left out developers using Windows as their primary operating system. In fact, some programming tool tutorials assume that you are using Linux or macOS, and all explanations are intended for these, leaving Windows commands out and making it difficult to follow.

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