How To Turn On And Off My PlayStation 4 Correctly So It Doesn’t Get Damaged

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How To Turn On And Off My PlayStation 4 Correctly So It Doesn’t Get Damaged

The PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles PlayStation has ever made, it’s because game graphics are very realistic. In addition to playing games, with such consoles you can watch movies by downloading and installing HBO GO or also making use of a USB memory.

One of the best things about this console is that its controls can be connected to a computer and you can also delete your PlayStation account whenever you want.

Now, these consoles have certain characteristics that must always be taken into account, so that the console can last long. One of these characteristics is the turning on and off of the console, this can greatly affect the operation of the console and also its duration. In this article you will see how to turn off and turn on your PS4 console correctly.

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Can the console actually be affected if it is turned off or on improperly?

Of course, if the console turns off very abruptly this affects her directly. You may think this is a lie because so far you have turned off the console improperly and it turns out that absolutely nothing has happened. It is true that the damage you will not see immediately, but as time passes, you will see all the changes.

All of this can be avoided by using the on and off instructions they recommend manufacturers so that the operation of the system is not affected. Now, let’s see what are these recommended ways to turn on and off the PS4 consoles.

The best way to turn on the PS4 console

There are different ways to do it, the best way is by pressing the button “Power On Off”And wait for it to turn on. Another way to do it is by pressing the “PS” button on the controls. If you opt for either of these two options, you just have to wait for it to finish turning on the console.

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When it comes to turning on the console, it doesn’t matter much how you do it since the manufacturers have been very simple with the two power buttons, the one with the console and the one in control. If you choose either of these two alternatives the console will not be affected at all.

Now the danger it’s always been in the way the console shuts down, there have always been problems. If you do not want to turn off the console and you only want to suspend it or put it to rest, then you just have to leave it on and in minutes it will go into a sleep state.

Being in this state, it stops executing some processes and It will also stop consuming so much energy. There is also a way to manually put the console to sleep.

How to manually put the console to sleep?

For this you must make use of the small power button that is located on the functions screen. Then you will have to look for the option that says “Enter sleep mode”. With this you can put the console to rest and you will not have to wait so long for the PS4 to suspend.

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steering wheel and controls ps4 console

The console’s sleep mode is recommended only when you are going to attend to a quick task that will not consume much time. Now if you are going to do something that will consume a lot of time you better turn off the console and let it rest. This is a way to take care of it since you will not let it work for a long time.

The correct way to turn off the PS4 console so as not to damage it

The best ways to do it are using the power button or else using the cell phone. To turn off the console using the cell phone you must install Remote Screen PS4. In case you turn off the console using the button for this purpose, then you should make sure not to force the shutdown.

When you press the button the console will not turn off immediately, it will take a while. But if you leave the button pressed, we force the shutdown, something we do not recommend to provide good care of the appliance.

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