Review and testing of the AMD Radeon RX 640 video card : Test | Specs | CPU | Config

Review and testing of the AMD Radeon RX 640 video card Test Specs CPU Config

Review and testing of the AMD Radeon RX 640 video card
: Test | Specs | CPU | Config

The AMD Radeon RX 640 video card belongs to the segment of entry-level mobile graphics adapters, it is based on the time-tested GPU on the Polaris architecture, so, unfortunately, the AMD Radeon RX 640 is nothing new. However, for the segment of video cards for entry-level laptops, this is the norm, since we see here another rebranding in our case of the previous generation video card RX550.

So, as already noted, the basis of the video card is a slightly improved 14-nm Lexa graphics core of the Polaris architecture. The GPU is a medium-sized chip with 103 mm2 die area and 2,200 million transistors. The AMD Radeon RX 640 includes 512 or 640 shader units, 40 texture mapping units and 16 ROPs. As you can see from the number of shader units, we have two different video cards, the performance of which will differ. In terms of frequencies, the 640-block version operates at a clock frequency of 1287 MHz. The amount of video memory GDDR5 can be equal to 2 or 4 GB, depending on the version. The theoretical video memory standard of the Radeon RX 640 is the same as that of the GT1050, but despite the use of the same GDDR5 standard, the performance of the Radeon RX 640 is limited by the narrow 64-bit memory bus of the GT1050, the memory bus is 128 bits, so the Nvidia video card has a higher bandwidth and is 112.0 GB / s, while the Radeon RX 640 only has 56.0 GB / s.

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GPU benchmark results are disappointing. The Radeon RX 640 performs well below its predecessor Radeon RX 550X and competitor Nvidia’s GeForce MX250.


Polaris (Lexa)
Technical process
14 n.m.
GPU frequency MHz
1287 MHz
Stream Processors (Shading Units)
Texture Units (TMUs)
Raster Operations Pipelines (ROPs)
Memory type
Memory bus width
Page 64
Memory size
2 GB
Memory frequency
1750 (7000) MHz
Power consumption (TDP)
75 watts

Synthetic tests


3DMark Fire Strike is a beautiful and popular application with DirectX 11 API support for testing computers with high-performance gaming graphics cards in the Windows environment. 3DMark Fire Strike results help you evaluate the comparative performance of a video card and its suitability for the most demanding PC games.

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3DMark – Fire Strike Graphics 1920×1080

AMD Radeon RX 640 (Lenovo ThinkPad E15)


AMD Radeon RX 550X (Lenovo ThinkPad E590)


AMD Radeon 530 (Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB )


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M (Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G )


NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 (Lenovo ThinkPad T590)


AMD Radeon 535 (ACER ASPIRE A315-41G )


AMD Radeon RX 560Х(Asus TUF FX505DY)


Literally FPS stands for “Frame per second”, or frames per second. Accordingly, the larger this number, the smoother the picture will be on the display during the game. How much FPS is needed for a comfortable game? It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question, if only because in different game engines with the same number of frames per second, the image quality can be different. However, there is a widespread belief that 30 FPS will be enough for a smooth game.

The AMD Radeon RX 640 graphics processor is an entry-level mobile video card, so the gaming performance of this video card is low, you can comfortably play new games released in 2019-2020 only with low graphics settings and a low display resolution. Next, we tested the AMD Radeon RX 640 in popular games at low graphics settings with a display resolution of 1280×720 pixels, and medium graphics settings at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, based on 60 frames / sec (FPS).

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Less than 25FPS

Low frame rate


Average Framerate

30 FPS and more

Comfortable frame rate

Display resolution: 1280×720 pixels. Graphics Settings: Low


Battlefield 5


The Witcher 3


Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Display resolution: 1920×1080 pixels. Graphics Settings: Medium


Total War: Three Kingdoms


Far Cry New Dawn


Apex Legends


Assassin´s Creed Odyssey


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