How to block pop-up ads on Android

How to block pop-up ads on Android

Pop-up ads are annoying, intrusive and time-consuming. They are also distracting, often making us buy something we don’t need. Android smartphones are full of pop-up ads, both inside and outside the apps. Some users have complained that they see these ads on their lock screen, home screen, and while using some apps. The question is: how to permanently get rid of advertising popups on Android?

Pop-up ads can appear anywhere and not just when using an app or game. If your smartphone is infected with viruses, malware or adware, things can get even worse. Fortunately, there are a few ways to block pop-ups on Android. Let’s start.

1. How to eliminate Android pop-ups in Chrome and Firefox

Don’t like Brave browser or don’t want to leave your favorite Chrome / Firefox browser? Let’s see what we can do about it. Open Chrome, tap on the three-dot menu and select Settings. Tap Site Settings and then Popups & Redirects.

To block pop-up ads on your Android phone on Firefox, visit and download the Firefox add-on on your smartphone. That’s all.

There are no settings to configure. Just install and that’s it. The same goes for the Samsung internet browser which comes pre-installed with all Samsung devices. Visit the site above to install a Samsung browser add-on and it will block pop-up advertising on it. There is also a dedicated Pop-up blocker app on the Play Store for the Samsung browser.

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2. How to block pop-up ads on Android with Brave Browser

I suggest you switch to the Brave browser even if you are using Chrome or Firefox. This is because Brave is a decentralized, Chromium-based, privacy-focused browser that blocks malicious page ads, pop-up ads, trackers, and scripts by default. You don’t even need to set it up, however, you can change the settings whenever you want.

Although the Chrome browser also comes with a pop-up blocker, advertising is Google’s bread and butter and will always be there. Brave has its own cryptocurrency called BAT and relies on ads to make money.

This means that you decide whether or not to display ads and the revenue that Brave makes will be split (Brave Rewards) between you and them. You get paid to view ads if you decide to do so. You can also choose to make an offer to your favorite content creators from the rewards you earn.

These ads will not be intrusive, your data will be safe and no pop-ups. Your data is protected and never leaves your device. What else could you ask for?

3. How to block pop-up ads with Blokada Systewide (without root)

Blokada is an advanced open source adblocker that blocks pop-ups on Android and iOS at the system level. This means that you will not see ads within any app and this includes your favorite browser. It does this by creating a VPN and filtering out all known offensive IP addresses that are known to send spam ads. Think browser, games, apps, home screen, lock screen, adware, and so on.

But Blokada is more than just an ad blocker. It will also protect your Android phone from malware, viruses and cryptocurrencies. You can improve your internet speed by using Google’s public DNS. And finally, there is a paid version with VPN that can further mask your IP address and encrypt and protect your data. With the exception of the VPN plans, everything else is free.

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4. Block pop-up ads on Android with the Ad-Detect plugin

Download and install Ad Detect Plugin from the Play Store. It will find apps that deliver pop-up and malicious ads on your smartphone. How? By running a scan and comparing them to a list of known offensive ad servers. It will show you a list of ad packet apps that have vendor names, misbehavior, and a way to uninstall the apps. It’s completely free, with no ads!

5. How to block advertisements and pop-ups on Android by taking precautions

Have you recently installed a new app or game on your Android phone? Perhaps that shiny new icon hides adware, a form of malware, responsible for pop-up ads everywhere, including ads in the notification area. I would recommend you do the following to block advertising on Android.

1. The first thing you need to do is close all open apps. Scroll through the list of installed apps and see which ones you recently installed. Check the app’s Play Store reviews and comments section to see if others are having similar issues. You can also order apps installed on “Last Used” in the Play Store app. Uninstall apps you don’t need or want, especially ones you recently installed. Restart your phone and check if the pop-up ads persist.

2. Check app permissions to see which apps have access to which permissions. Adware apps require a network and internet connection to serve ads. They usually also try to steal your valuable data like contacts, emails, etc. To make more money. Open Settings and check the app permissions and disable them where you think the app has no rights.

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3. Check your battery stats to find rogue apps that are usually running in the background without your knowledge or permission. Can’t remember using that app or remember closing it while it is still running? Something wrong. Either close the app, check and change permissions, or just delete it once and for all.

6. Antivirus e Malwarebytes

You can and should also install an Android popup blocker, antivirus or Malwarebytes app on your Android phone. Antivirus app will also protect you from adware while Malwarebytes is an app specially created or developed to fight malware. I would at least recommend Malwarebytes regardless of whether you have a paid antivirus app or not. I don’t recommend the free ones.

Block and delete pop-up ads on Android phones

Prevention is always better than cure. This means installing Malwarebytes and Blokada to protect your phone not only from adware showing pop-up ads, but also damage your phone and steal your data. If you still see pop-up ads on your Android phone, use one of the solutions above and uninstall it from your phone. Find an alternative that doesn’t pester you with advertising. Pay if necessary. The apps are not very expensive. Some of them cost less than a cup of coffee.

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