How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire 10 Tablet – Easy Steps

How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire 10 Tablet

How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire 10 Tablet

One thing you have to keep in mind is that when you go to have the first app, you will have to give privileges to have APK files to the browser that you are using to download and have the files. Just hit the settings button at the time it prompts you in the pop-up window and activate the permission, and then now you will be able to install the app you downloaded. These applications are framework, Google+ account manager, Google+ Play and its services, in total there are 4 applications to download. To do this, it is pertinent that you go to the security tab and from there you give the device permission to install apps of unrecognizable origin and install them in APK format itself. Inside it, the tablet works with 2 storage options of 16 GB or 32 GB and with a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor accompanied by 1 GB of RAM. As far as storage is concerned, we must take into consideration that what is available to the user would be approximately 9.4 GB in the lower model and 23.6 GB in the higher model.

The next step should be to offer privileges to the system so that it stops installing APK files. You do that directly from the Browser Settings, and it shouldn’t take long. These have become a very good investment thanks to its active work platform, its good design and above all, its enormous price that puts it above any other brand of capable tablets. The rest of the applications, just as we have told you before, you can simply download the latest version that is available, and in this way you should not bother looking for the correct version. You can also customize your home screen, you can even put a slideshow of images from your gallery as wallpaper.

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All of them cost less than 100 euros if you are looking for a compact, handy and light tablet and if you want something very basic. began as an acceptable way to collect interesting information about the Internet, computer programs and all kinds of online projects. Since then, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours analyzing and reviewing online services and all kinds of applications and programs. You want to have Clash Royale, Gmail, Google chrome, Google plus Maps… and you have nowhere to do it.

If what you want is to have Google+ Play Store to be able to access all the apps that Androids have in the Google plus Store? We show you how to carry it out step by step to install it properly and in a very simple and easy way. The moment you launch the Play Store, if all the steps above have been completed properly, you should be able to sign in with your Google+ account, exactly the same as you have on other platforms.

Install Google Plus Play In The Amazon Fire 7 Of 2015

After the installation process is complete, press “Done” or “Open”. Next, choose or activate the option “Unknown apps”. Depending on the model you own, it may appear as “Security”. And finally, what they should do is Open the Play Store and create an account with a Gmail account, to be able to access each and every one of the applications, and they would only have to start enjoying it. They also facilitate the use of many other applications such as those developed for digital reading or for watching videos.

At this time, it is time to download the applications described above in order to make Google+ Play work and to be able to open it without inconvenience. Once this is done, you are going to log in saving the data and the password, and from now on, you will be able to download each and every one of the apps that you want to complement your favorite readings. And if your concern is that someone much else review the information on your Tablet, you can restrict access to an app while someone else has it. You can do this by turning on app pinning in the privacy and security settings menu.

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Install Google Plus Play In You Tablet Amazon

You can download the latest version of each except Google Plus Application Framework, since in this case you will have that the current version of Fire OS is based on Android 7, so you must download this version. In such a case, if you intend to add many more tools to the device, you have the option of using a simple trick that will allow you to install the Android Play Store without any problems. Storage or technical access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

The front and rear camera is 2 megapixels with 720p HD video recording. Within it, it allows us to select between 2 storage models with 32 or 64 GB and expandable up to 1 TB together if we use a microSD card that we must obtain separately. This article objectively and independently recommends products and services that may be of interest to readers. At the time the user makes a purchase through the specific links that appear in this news, Andro4all receives a commission.

Join the Andro4all bargain channel to find out about the best promotions before anyone else. We install the downloaded APK files in the correct order. To do this, we go to the Fire file manager called “Docs” that is on the initial screen. There may be much newer versions of these files, but that’s okay. Then when we have installed them they will be updated just in case.

how to install google play on amazon fire 10 tablet

When it has restarted, we open ES File Explorer, we go to the folder of the extracted files, we try «vending.apk», we copy it, we go to /system/app and we paste it there. Now, open the installation file and confirm the installation on your computer by choosing the “Install” option. When you downloaded the app from the Play Store, you must create a Google+ account in order to use the app correctly.

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We do not recommend doing this if you do not have experience installing APK applications from third-party services, since it is a development that may cost you, especially since sometimes it is difficult to reach the download button on the websites where these apps are downloaded. Consequently, we are going to suspect that you have understandings, and we will make the tutorial much faster and more direct. In the first instance, it must be made clear that here we do not have Google+ applications, however it has an App Store that allows us to install applications.

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The storage or technical input that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In any case, there are some apps that are not free and in certain cases it can be a nuisance. Still in this way, if you follow the process and it doesn’t work, there is a second method to install Google plus Play that we have talked about on occasion. We provide you with the link, although it is not the development that we recommend.

How to Install Google Plus Play on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

We offer the download button, we support the download in the pop-up that will be shown to you, and each file will be downloaded to the Fire Tablet. The first thing to keep in mind is that the installation process must be done manually for each app. The applications installed by this procedure will not be updated automatically, unless you have the Google plus Play Store installed. To do this, we go to the Fire file manager called “Docs” located on the initial screen. Now we proceed to arrange the files that we have downloaded, we go to the document manager, we look for the Download folder and there we will find the files.

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